Weverton Alves

I am one digital artist that focused in create amazing visuals for diferent kind of projects. Last Three years I have been part of some amazing projects for Marvel and DC comics. 

My passion for VFX and animation keep my range of opportunites big, but at the same time it is big challenge keep learning the new tools and technologies. I have good experience in most of the softwares that are available to try, from Blender ( open source ) to Katana ( the foundry). I never stop learn and try diferent workflows. My main toolset is Maya, Nuke, Vray, Renderman.

After long years of formal studies in computer graphics and bussines, latelly  I am focusing my studies in Cinematography and leadership skills.

My long term goal is become good VFX supervisor well rounded in all aspects of the production. 

​› Senior Lighting / look dev artist 
›  Digital Compositing
› Organic Modeling / Texturing
› Prep / Roto /  Paint 
› Motion Capture rig workflow 
› On-set VFX Supervising 

About me

Expertise areas

Sr. Lighting  / Look dev TD